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Brianna.longisland.15.volleyball.I LOVE CASTLE SO MUCH. i ship caskett more than anything in the world. I follow other castle-like blogs.
Addicted to Castle FAVORITE SHOW= Castle(:
Favorite TV couple= Caskett<3
Favorite real life couple= STANATHAN (at least i hope for them)
He's not buying it, Castle.
Grande skim latte, two pumps sugar-free vanilla. Castle: I'm not going to lose her again. Beckett: It’s made who i am but now i want to be more than who i am. Castle: She's different. I thought I would never see you again. That wall inside won't be there forever. I remember everything. If you’re gonna shoot me, you look me in the eyes.
If two people believe in something — really believe — anything, even the impossible, is possible. I'll never be safe. So it wasn't a dream. Honestly have to thank this fandom, we waited 4 long year and did it. We had no idea...FUCKIN CASKETT IS REAL NOW<3

♥Stay with me,I love you..I love you Kate. ♥


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that&#8217;s one beautiful man.

that’s one beautiful man.

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    One of the few celebrities that really is one of us. Also he is a space cowboy.
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    reblogging because I know Ray will like the combination of awesome and tshirt.
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    so true
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    Yes, yes I did because he has amazing healing powers! I mean just looking at him makes you feel 100 times better.
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    when i was in the ER…my BESTIE @pinktheatre brought me this! she is amazing
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    and people wonder why I love this man! … don’t forget he grew up in Edmonton ;) NATHAN FILLION FTW!
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